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PostSubject: Taffer-patcher   Taffer-patcher EmptySun Oct 03, 2010 8:34 am

Link to download

What is that?
I can say its something like All-In-One .. A lot of great stuff in one install!
In curent version is:
Currently included patches:

- DDFix modification (Vista fog) by SiO2
- Widescreen Mod by Weak-Ling
- Dual-Core Fix (same modifacations to .exe that imagecfg does)
- Texture memory error fix
- Free space error fix
- Dromed 1.18 with TGA texture support
- Sheriff Guard Model Fix by R Soul
- Ferns Model Fix by Winter Cat
- Gas Arrow Model Fix by R Soul
- Gas Lamp Model Fix by Winter Cat
- Vine Arrow Model Fix by Winter Cat
- Fog Fix in LoTP by Winter Cat
- Dialog Fix in Shipping by Winter Cat
- Dialog Fix in Masks by Nameless Voice
- Fixed loot location in Running Interference and Kidnap

EDIT: I tested it it works like a charm! You can choose every thing in instalation which you want..
I tryed install all stuff from pack and no problems ingame cheers
This pack pack really helps.. I remember how long takes to instal every thing manually.. It not needed anymore
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