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 Download link for TheDarkMod

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Download link for TheDarkMod Empty
PostSubject: Download link for TheDarkMod   Download link for TheDarkMod EmptyTue Sep 14, 2010 8:11 am

So, at the begining
to play TheDarkMod You should have a DOOM 3 game installed
(the best way to get this game is just BUY this game it's really good one and isn't so expensive), but if someone haven't got money(go steal it lol) can download this...
And very important thing! YOU MUST HAVE "DOOM 3 - Patch" to run TheDarkMod
there is another version of this patch "", but You need "" and it's really easy to get this patch... for lazy people:
" "
if someone want I can send it to him too, just ask(another EASY way)

When You have DOOM 3 patched to "" You can download TheDarkMod
from here:
there are all points how to download and install it.
If someone have problems check TheDarkMod Forums:
but it's really easy and I don't know what kind of problem is that.
And next important thing! It's bug or something, You should be regurally downloading updates for the mod, because there is need for them, sometimes there is problem with "loading/saving game" to fix it delete old saves and download update, this will help.
It doesn't work if You want broadcasting the game
using X-fire when You want to save or load game it still crashing.
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Download link for TheDarkMod
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