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 Our own continue to Thief 3

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PostSubject: Our own continue to Thief 3   Fri Feb 25, 2011 6:16 am

Lets try to continue with plot at the end of Thief 3.
I write a bit of new plot.
All members can continue with that. Just write in next post as you working on continue to story to avoid
complications with other members which will wants continue too. But who will wants be part of story just write
a message into this topic to let us know who is interested.
It can be really interesting. Kind of Thief 3 expansion or Thief 4.
So have fun with this and take it a bit serious.
How will story continue? Lets see..
ps: sorry for my english
EDIT: Adepts writes reply like: I will continue with story or something like that.
EDIT2: I will ask regulary members it will be better.. but who knows as wants continue.. write it study

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PostSubject: Re: Our own continue to Thief 3   Fri Feb 25, 2011 6:18 am

Part I - Garretts choises

My name is Garrett and Im standing between dark streets, which guarding pure shadows
on stoned walls. Holding little arm of some little girl which tryed to find something to steal
or anything to eat. It reminds me my own story. I had o lot of luck, It wasnt for free.
Every day or night was of full of fear, sadness with hungry stomach inside my body. I was picking a pockets
at Stonemarket usually. Couldt find another good way how to survive. There was a lot of peoples and sometimes become a chaos and some kind of crowds from ordinary peoples. That was right moments to strike.
I had no parents, no home so not many choises to have happy childhood. I heard that guards when find lonely kids without any parents around they send them to the Shalebridge Cradle. That keeps my eyes open often and stay away from them. I could only speculate what happend to them in that scary old house.
Actually I was inside once but that was after some years later.
Sometimes when i goes around that place at night. Noises, and strange voices comed from that place.
I dont remember when it was but one day in morning i was sneaking from dark place to street
when i saw man. Peoples just passing by like he wasnt there. I tryed my chances.
"Thats not for you" He said. I told him "Please, let me go old man." "As you wish." He let me go.
And it was all the begining of very long education. He show me my path, help my with skills,
give me advices. Made from me a Thief. As it begins it ends very similar. Just changed roles. Thats black little eyes was stearing to my face with big scar and green mechanic eye like she wasnt surprised. I feel that secret talent she have. Few seconds past and she finnaly open mouth and telling me..
To be continued by somebody else..
EDIT: Repairing mistakes. If will anybody see some write it or send me message on xfire thx.
Im not master in english

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PostSubject: Re: Our own continue to Thief 3   Sat Feb 26, 2011 3:05 pm

- How did you see me you creepy man?! - she shouted in awe.
- Usually I am the one who lurks under the veil of darkness young child. - I solemnly replied.
- Let go! What do you want?! Just leave me be! - she said anxiously thrashing her arm up and down.
I let her hand go, she stumbled a bit, but stood on her feet still, not running away, dazed by my perception gathering the thoughts that ran through my own face. Then suddenly she turned and made a quick dash for the shadows like a naughty rascal trying to escape punishment.
"What a peculiar child, I wonder if I'll ever see her again" I said to my self, still reminiscing about my own childhood and this odd little Déjà vu encounter. When my own matters settled in my mind again, I felt a gaze onlooking my back, as I tilted my head slightly with the corner of my mechanical eye I saw a little silhouette disappearing behind a corner. "So she decided to follow me". The child I had encounter earlier today once again rose my interest. "Fine" I thought to my self "Let's play cat and mouse". I started walking elaborately fast towards the end of the street and hid myself in the rafters of an Inn's exterior. She moved on the cold cobblestone without a sound, as if flouting on air, her black rags draping across the night air looked almost unearthly. Frozen and poised where I was last seen, there she stood puzzled by my vanishing presence. "This young girl is very skilled, she moves unseen by others around her, but through her inability to track me smirks the inexperience of a young soul who earns for a prudent mentor". The child perplexed was looking in all directions almost violently in desperation. A disappointment struck her body as she lowered her head stepping aback. Unexpectedly She bumped into something or someone and immediately turned round. It was me who she saw standing fully erect and smiling.
- I thought you wanted to get away from me? - I calmly asked.
Embarrassed by her thwarted plants to follow me, and herself being so easily fooled she replied with her head down in a weak stuttering voice.
- W-wh-who a-are you sir? - beneath the hood I saw eyes piercing me, giving away a determination unwanted to be seen and previously masked by words of deceitful resignation.
- I'm Garret. - I replied quick and calm. I bent forward looking straight in those frozen wild eyes and playfully said. - And who are you?
My scarred face and mysterious demeanor did not seem to upset her even in the slightest as she began to reveal her identity in confidence as she stood with me barefoot on the cold pavement covered in night dew.
- I don't have one.
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PostSubject: can't write stories :-(   Sat Mar 05, 2011 3:46 pm

"Where do you live?" said Garret
"Here mister." she said
"The street."
"So you are a kid. No parents, no home... How would you like to learn to move completely unseen and travel using the secret routes of an ancient group."
"Are you some sorta Hammerite or Pagan?"
"Would a Hammerite be seen talking to a common street thief. Your lack of thought shows how young and headstrong you are."
"You callin' me green?"
"I was once like you, and a certain man gave me an option. I will now do the same. If you've grown tired of how you live, come with me and I will show you a different way."
I turned around and, just like certain little pickpocket many years ago, she ran up to me. So began a very long education of a child pickpocket, and her eventual transformation into a Keeper.

( sorry suck at stories AND my native language of english Crying or Very sad )
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PostSubject: Re: Our own continue to Thief 3   Wed Apr 06, 2011 10:59 am

Part two: Night duty calls
We started slowly together. She followed me in ordinary thefts. I told her.
"Watch what what I am doing and how it doing."
"That´s important."
At daylight we was like father and daughter for others. But sometimes we just stolen food, some coins, jewelry from ladies hands or necks. So no ordinary family. It was kind of fun for me I mean routine and for her it was challenge and gained skills. After few days and night she almost was ready on her first own job.
"Are you sure as you wanna be keeper?"
"Yes very much."
"For that you need to work also alone."
"As you wish, Garrett. It cant be so difficult."
"Be careful and be ready on everything. Doesnt mean as when it go easy first time as it will be the same next time."
"Of course and after mine duty we will meet at usually place ok?"
"Fine and good luck you shadow ghost."
She smiled at me very slowly. It was more creepy face then happy before she was gone.
Our meeting place was ground with a lot of grass, wild bushes and trees near zone where lives pagans.
If something happened and somebody from us was in troubles or split up. We goes to that place on midnight.
There wasnt anybody around. Just sometimes at deep night coming to this place noises of shamans which prayed. That night I told her as I will be at home and prepare some plane and equipments on tommorow. I needed to improve my shooting skill with bow a bit. When I came back home. I was a a bit tired. Moved slowly to training room. There was a lot of lockpicks, locks, some chests, few wooden boxes, some clothes, arrows and other useful things. I felt really good in this room. It gives me memories from different places.
My bow was dusty with few webs on it. Well its just training bow that is what came to my mind first. After that I realized as I ll give it to her as a gift. And also needs to give her some name. I hopes that she will be successful tonight and brings some loots or food. I gave her also my bed and my sleeping place was on few boxes. Anyway I am not usually home at night. Bit like vampire which works at nights and sleeps during days. My practice target was in corner. I stepped back and prepared arrow to my bow. Little concentrate. My green eye couldnt find middle of target.
"Whats happening to me?"
I asked myself. My first arrow hit second circle from middle.
"Damn Garrett you need a rest tonight a bit."
Last few nights I was kind of busy at streets with her. But many days I was away too to got some food, when she slept in here.
I left my bow on wall and get myself to chair near fireplace. I was just watching to fire like zombie and try to figure out plan on tommorow. My eyes goes slowly down after while a felt a sleep.
Few hours must passed. Sound in fire from fired woods awake me.
"Damn! I forget on her."
On church was 2:30 when i looked through window. Hope she still waiting on our meeting place.
I taken most important stuff and went out from house.

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PostSubject: Re: Our own continue to Thief 3   Thu Apr 07, 2011 6:11 am

Its time to test my knowledge. How to gets on any place is best time. In streets you can loose some time but on roofs there are better options. I taken to hands my rope-arrow a shoot it with bow on nearest house. You must be careful when running on downward roofs. But I used many paths where you feel free like wind. Nobody can stop you. Only own mistake like bad move, small jump or bad luck. My street have many houses has been built in rows here so it was fine.
I got a pretty fast speed and was prepared for first jump from this street to another. My right foot was optimal for last step before jump. When I was in air I lost almost all arrows. That was mistake but I hadnt time to get them back. After while I was near place where supposed to be waiting. There was a pure darkness. I moved slowly and silently on grass goes through bushed. It was faster way then go on dusty road. One big bush was so overgrown as it stuck me. I realized as it was also thorny branches. My hands was heavily scratched and dark blood starts slowly flow out.
I couldnt move much. But who wants to be alive must go through pain sometimes. I heard at these areas was some ritual murders by few pagans which have own cult. They left pagans faction because they wasnt right persons to be with them. So they created something much more evil.
They used many locations and I hope they will be out of here now. Wasnt easy to find some good place as meeting point. When I was thinking how to get out I heard some noises. Like footsteps not far from me. There was a really dark. I barely saw whats going on in front of me but I heard some whispers.
Its her voice. In moonlight was few moving shadows. I didnt wanted to make attention on myself so my body didnt move. Footsteps was slowly less to hear. My hand go in heavily pain because I desperately pushed on branches. I crashed one and one arm was a bit free so I grab my knife and start to make a way out. It takes a while. When was free way I stepped on road between bushes, trees and grass. I followed direction where was shadows. Inside of stoned sidewalk was her ring behind corner of nearest to street. Lady in green dress had it on finger but only to the moment when she was knocked down by club and drag out to shadows. Every thief must be good in close combat too. Its a sign for me as they went here. But where they could go with her?
I havent single idea where they goes and I needed brake. I doubt that she will kill her. My first steps from that place was to with big sign Old Quarter. Its probably first part which was build in this city. I watched some beggar which tried to get money from guard which was on patrol.
Beggar:"Please sir Im really hungry. Need help."
Guard:"Well wait hmm. I have some coins in my pocket."
Beggar:"Ahh Its good as there are still kind peoples."
Guard:"Well here are coins."
He knocked him down with strong club which had behind metal belt.
Beggar:"Thats not fair."
Guard:"You gonna spend some time in jail for beggary."
Poor man was fettered with rope and guard was behind him a pushing him.
Beggar:"Please have mercy"
Guard:"God have mercy. I dont!"
That cruel bastard spit on him a kick him.
When they was out of sight. My next steps came over tiled road to big building. Opening doors and I smelt fresh scent of beer, meat and soup. Not many peoples are here. Some barflies sitting near spigot like skeletons in graves. Innholder cleaning plates and looking on spilt soup on table with angry eyes. In corner where is a dark sitting somebody with hood. Looks like thief. I sited on opposite side to him.
Garrett: "Hey you. I have nice ring here If you help me its yours."
He looking into table for a while like he thinking and even dont know about me.
I was still here when he finally move with head and saying.
Unknown: "Wants some informations?"
Garrett: "Yes exactly."
Unknown: "Show me that ring first?"
Garrett: "Here it is."
Unknown: "Looks like on of these which have often ladies from castle."
Garrett: "So you want it?"
Unknown: "Sure and what you wanna know?"
Garrett: "I have a daughter which should waiting for me on place.."
Unknown: "Some kidnappers right?"
Garrett: "How do you know that?"
Unknown: "When I was on my way to this pub I saw some strange peoples with girl. And she looks really scared and didnt wanted to go with them."
Garrett: "Damn!.. In which direction they went?"
Unknown: "It was on left side when you go out of this pub and still on left maybe bit right. Just walked on curved sidewalk with her."
Garrett: "Thanks a lot. And last question"
Unkown: "Ask"
Garrett: "Where do you thing as they should go?"
Unknown: "At first I think as these peoples working in orphanage and they searching kids every night"
Garrett: "I was thinking first as it was squad of pagans which left their faction. They using ritual murders for praying."
Unknown: "Well in that case she will be probably allready in heaven."
Garrett: "Sorry I have few more questions."
Unknown: "In that case I need more gold."
I had just empty pockets. So I told him as I need to piss. Slowly sneak near a wall where was jackets. I found some matches.. keys.. searching next jacket.. ugly sniffer, matches..
Garrett: "Damn drunkers."
In next jacket was nothing.
Garrett: "Where should I found something valuable?"
I sneak down a bit a moved slowly behind bar. Innholder was turned on the other side. it must have been really quickly. I got his watch which was hidden under desk of bar. When I returned back to table he drunk all his beer and mine too. I wasnt angry just suppriced.
Garrett: "Here is something."
Unknown: "Where you get them."
Garrett: "Thats not of your bussiness."
Unkown: "I wanna know."
Garrett: "Innholder."
Unknown: "That wasnt much smart but we should get out of here now."
He had right. After we went on street. From inside came a lot of noise. Like fight. Some drunk was throwing out from door but he stand up and go back.
Garrett: "So what they doing to these kids?"
Unknown: "I am not sure but I heard as they making some research on them."
Garrett: "Research?!"..
Unknown: "If they get somebody. Nobody ever seen that kid again."
Garrett: "I need to go now to save her but where exactly?."
Unknown: "Its really dangerous to get inside."
Garrett: "Where?"
Unknown: ""Shalebridge Cradle."

That was a last word from him before he left. They kidnaped me too when I was child. But they left us only in basement. Remember I had big luck because I escaped from there and they didnt noticed it because they had here other children. Who knows what happened to them. Cant even think about it. Going get her back!

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PostSubject: Re: Our own continue to Thief 3   Sun Apr 10, 2011 3:39 pm

The Shalebridge Cradle, a place where bad dreams are born. I had once escaped from that… Place. Once an orphanage it was made into an insane asylum, while the orphanage remained intact. Rumors say one of the patients was a pyromaniac and not long it took for the night sky to be lit up with flames of crescent gloom. Hold your breath while you trek by the gates of Shalebridge, for it yearns to take hold of you itself. A place, that remembers and does not let go forever. Unless. You trick it, like I did. Too dangerous a recollection to be pulled out the dark waters of my mind. But to save my apprentice, I had to make the pleasure of going there again. How could someone be operating there? More so, why kidnap children? I felt evil smiling behind my back. Stabbing me with its eye’s, mocking me, drawing me closer to an edge it wants me to fall off.
As I forced the ominous crude metal gates open, I felt dread flowing into my body, rather I fell out of space into something so haunting, a feeling like standing in the shadows of death itself, watching you… An emotion so alien to me, being uncomfortable in dark shadows, where I usually find shelter from praying eyes and pursuers. I looked into the deep night sky, and took a deep breath. This place, what if it remembers me again? I already made it think I died. A gust of wind hit me from behind, like a shriek it passed my clothes enveloping me like freezing water being poured on my head. “This is not going to be easy, not one bit, nothing is” I said to myself.
As I walked closer to the building, I noticed footprints in the dead grass. “Funny” I said. “How elaborate is this?” They lead around the ruined courtyard into the ajar entrance of the basement. I had to hurry, no telling how much time I had to save the girl.
A demented miasma grasped me once I was in the dark and decaying catwalk below the Cradle. I heard a noise. A creak of some sort echoed in the far reaching corners of the hallway. Hastily I sneaked ahead. Glancing over a corner I heard a murmur. A child’s voice it seemed. She’s somewhere really near! Then I saw a creepy looking figure in a cage. The floor was flooded with water and my reflection danced at my feet rapidly making me uneasy. It seemed being here was getting more precarious by the moment. The cage door swayed open by itself. The figure was so quiet, so unmoving. Could it really be her? I tried to push this anxiety down the recesses of my mind before I froze still in place. It seemed the mad silence around me was swollen with unearthly cries. Everything was drowning in thick violet and gray shadows making the reality seem dreamlike. I approached carefully.
-Child? – I whispered. – can you hear me?
But there was no response to calm me, I looked back to see if there was no one else behind and dashed forward, griping the bars of the cold cage, trying to make out her face. It was her, but she looked dead, if not for the slight moving of her shoulders. Reluctantly I put my foot in the cage, lest it was waiting for me, a final laid trap, but nothing happened. Her face was so lifeless and void of all expression, like a wicked doll’s face.
(To be continued tomorrow)
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PostSubject: Re: Our own continue to Thief 3   Mon Apr 11, 2011 10:20 am

Puppet can be really creepy but his shadow make him more creepy then before Razz

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PostSubject: Re: Our own continue to Thief 3   Tue Apr 19, 2011 3:01 pm

I put my hand on her cheek and felt her face. Her skin felt eerily cold, but I sensed she was alive, seemingly, unconscious. I hastily glanced around once more. Empty. The room was too empty of life and by comparison the girls naturally alive body was very out of place. "No time to lose" I said to myself. I mounted her on my shoulder and turned around...
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PostSubject: Re: Our own continue to Thief 3   

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Our own continue to Thief 3
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