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 Members introductions

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PostSubject: Members introductions   Members introductions EmptySun Oct 03, 2010 9:06 am

I know Thieves are silent and very private persons but we works together so why dont introduce ourselfs a bit?
No limits here. This isnt any kind of boring form.

Well i can give some example what can be inside introduction.
Own info, pictures, links, it can be really special Like a Star @ heaven

Some help.. But do it like you want to do..
- Nickname, age, country..
- Education, job..
- Hobbies, created stuff by yourself..
- Favorite movies,games,books,music,serials..
- Stories from life..
- Stuff on internet.. YouTube accounts,Websites..
- Favorite characters from Thief I,II,III
- Favorite levels,locations from Thief I,II,III
- Favorite music from Thief I,II,III
- Favorite opponents from Thief I,II,III
- blabla Smile

EDIT: working on my introduction study

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Members introductions
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